Contract Negotiations

We’ve negotiated more than our fair share of contracts and fee schedules, and while we profess no legal expertise, we do cater to introducing brokers who are choosing clearing firms.

In reality, while most introducing broker executives have reviewed contracts for various services, rarely do they have experience with the intricacies and pricing points of correspondent clearing contracts.

Fortunately, most executives also appreciate that mishandled contract negotiations can damage the relationship their firm depends on, just as the new partnership is forming. As seasoned professional consultants, we represent your best interests, while simultaneously offering fair and critical insights.

We understand the nuances of:

  • Pricing Models
  • Debit and Credit Revenue Spreads
  • Volumes and Pricing Level Discounts
  • Growth Potential
  • Substantial Inactive and Retirement Accounts
  • Significant Pass-through, Add-on and Miscellaneous Fees
  • Length of Contracts
  • Industry Norms and Best Practices

Our goal is to help you obtain the best contract terms possible, while establishing a solid relationship with your new partner.