Firm Staffing and Restructuring

One of the toughest ongoing challenges of running a financial services firm is to objectively evaluate if your group is structured and staffed correctly. Products, services, regulations, and service providers sometimes change quickly. All of which may affect your internal personnel needs.

Have problems made it clear that an efficiency review is needed? If you are interested in this topic, chances are you are facing some form of a staffing problem.

  • Are you feeling that the workflow and certain operations are in need of an overhaul?
  • Have you held off reducing staff for too long?
  • Or conversely, is the firm well past "lean and mean"?
  • Are you beating down the “good” people and risking losing them?
  • Are you experiencing nagging turnover problems because the staff is bored to tears, or are they burning the candle at both ends?

The Challenge - Staff expenses are always a significant part of the budget and the end profit and loss. Yet, staff efficiency, turnover, and morale are the keys to the firm's production and ultimately your customer service and bottom line results.

The Bigger Challenge - Admittedly, no one really likes to deal with this. Human Resource problems are often ugly issues to address. It's personal for everyone involved. As a result, quite often these critical issues are ignored until the budget is bleeding, the clients are leaving, or the seats are empty.

As a third party, we can objectively review the area in question and provide unbiased and balanced feedback.

Our hands-on experience ranges from evaluating small privately owned businesses, to large institutional multi-departmental operations. Whether your entire shop is 5 people or 500, take advantage of Bedford and Main as a partner to help get your structure back in line and profitable.