Start-Up Brokerage Firms... Foreign and Domestic

One of the natural strengths we discovered in our first years of consulting, was our ability to easily assist start-up firms. It is quite rewarding to work with the excitement and enthusiasm that comes from those who are creating and building new firms. While it seems no two start-ups have been alike, they all share an entrepreneurial spirit that is universal to new business development.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted source to help you review all of the available options. We will provide candid advice and guidance along the way, in addition to strategic referrals to help expedite the process if desired.

Within the scope of helping new broker-dealers to navigate the FINRA membership process, we have had the pleasure of assisting multiple foreign-based firms looking to trade in the US markets and to carry non-US resident accounts. Calling upon our own past experiences serving an international client base, coupled with our anti-money laundering specialist qualifications, this has proven to be a natural niche for Bedford and Main.