Conversion Specialist

There is no reason to mince words on this topic, so let’s just state it as clearly as we can:  

Conversions are our Thing!       

Our Sweet Spot!    

Undeniably, the projects that we simply enjoy the best.

Big or small........,,,,........Short term or a year long.....,,,,............Simplistic or complicated.

We like the challenge of starting a project from scratch and bringing it to completion. And honestly, the more moving parts, the better. We are experienced in consolidating two brokerage firms together, changing clearing firms for introducing brokers, taking firms self-clearing, converting platforms from relatively simple third-party cottage applications, to full scale security processing systems. And we enjoy the people aspects that naturally come with this. 

Fine-tuned project management skills, and dedicated, experienced support are essential for any successful conversions. Even a great product, when converted poorly, can be a failure.

Clearly these topics cover a wide range of services and no one person can claim to be an expert across the board. Nonetheless, we believe that success in any of these areas is ultimately dependent on the blending of three factors:

  1. A deep familiarity of industry fundamentals and practices
  2. Possessing the seasoned management abilities required to juggle multiple priorities, coordinate contingencies, and  ensure targets, timelines and goals are met
  3. The interactive, personal skills to coordinate and motivate individuals to succeed in a team effort