Hear What Our Clients Say About Us:

Carlos M. - CEO and Managing Director at a US-based Broker Dealer Subsidiary of a foreign bank:

Hiring Bedford and Main as a Consultant in our conversion between Clearing Firms, was the best business decision I made last year.  John Foster knows and understands the operational and compliance matters like few people I have come across in 22 years of my career. I would certainly hire him again when any challenge out of the ordinary would come up in the future.

Osi L. – CFO at an industry leading equity and derivative market making Broker Dealer:

We have been looking for a long time for experience in setting up our clearing operations. We found Bedford and Main (John Foster) through an internet search and we were immediately enthusiastic after we had our first introductory call with John. John has a great deal of knowledge and experience in running and setting up clearing operations and he helped us work through analyzing and investigating how that could work out for us. His specialist and in-depth knowledge of the operational and regulatory environment for B/Ds helped to get things clear for us. I would highly recommend John and I look forward to working with John again in the future.

Brendan K. – Business Development Director at a western European financial services firm: 

John was recommended to my western Europe-based firm as someone who had a great deal of knowledge and experience in running and setting up broker dealers in the United States. He helped us work through a challenging project and delivered the solution we were looking for, due to his specialist and in-depth knowledge of the operational and regulatory environment for non-US firms, along with his contacts throughout the retail brokerage industry. I would highly recommend John and his company Bedford and Main. I look forward to working with John again in the future.

William C. - CCO of Broker Dealer shell offered for sale:

It was easy to work with John Foster and a sale of the B/D was consummated within a relatively short period of time. John’s contacts were excellent and I would recommend. He is a real pro.

Carol B. - Senior Vice President at a financial services Fortune 500 Subsidiary:

Principal Trust hired John as a consultant for a special project. John's knowledge of the industry, back office processing, best practices, and industry trends is top notch. He really listens to what his client is trying to accomplish. In our case, he leveraged his industry contacts and that, along with his personal knowledge and perseverance, brought us to a very successful outcome. I would highly recommend John for any consulting role in the financial services industry.

Rob G. – Co-Founder of a start-up Broker Dealer:

We hired Bedford and Main with the end goal of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the clearing landscape. As a new broker/dealer, we had many decisions to make – Bedford and Main was quick to clarify the decision tree for us and help navigate forward. We were impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge.

Tim D. - Chief Operating Officer at a privately owned Introducing Broker Dealer and RIA:

My firm hired John to assist with creating WSPs specific to our needs. Not only did he demonstrate his deep industry knowledge but a thorough understanding of current industry trends. Our staff was very comfortable working with John throughout the entire process. I can't speak highly enough of John's work and strongly recommend him to fill any financial services consulting need.

Micah G. - CCO at a California-based Introducing Broker Dealer:

I have used Bedford and Main in the past to whiteboard out all relevant operational and compliance needs for a new Broker/Dealer. We were extremely pleased with the efficiency and comprehensiveness for all of their services. I would not hesitate to recommend all of their services to any securities firm. Their knowledge is extensive and Rolodex full.

Doug R. - EVP/CFO at a Kansas-based self-clearing Broker Dealer:

I was introduced to John Foster and Bedford and Main Consulting during my evaluation of securities processing platform vendors. John became a valuable resource during the evaluation of self-clearing and fully-disclosed options from several different vendors. John has a broad understanding of the market-place and operational requirements. His industry contacts were invaluable in my company's decision-making process. He was instrumental in negotiating the proposal we ultimately accepted.

Michael S. - COO at a Connecticut-based Broker Dealer and FCM:

As the CEO of Bedford and Main, John recently partnered our firm with a group of investment banking consultants allowing us to create a successful new product line for the firm. I highly recommend him as a consultant, and I am confident that you will be more than satisfied with his services.

Keith B. - Founder at an Oklahoma-based Equity Market Advisors Financial Services firm:

Bedford and Main were wonderful to work with. Not only completing a very daunting and specialized task for us, but doing it in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend anyone needing their services to not hesitate getting in touch with John Foster.