Strategic Project Management

Strategic projects are like sports teams. They come in all sorts and sizes. And while it’s nice when they are well funded and have the best assets available, the most critical key to success is that they are well managed.

The definition of what is “strategic” varies within a given firm. More often than not though, there are common factors to consider:  

  • New business and strategic growth are keys to survival
  • A poorly planned or badly executed initiative can do more damage than good
  • All business decisions are based on the risk/reward equation

Bedford and Main provides industry knowledge, project experience and objective insights. We help your firm to ensure it takes the right steps, in the right order, at the right time. We will provide a well balanced approach that will encompass all aspects of your business: from FINRA compliance and IT infrastructure issues, to your operational and accounting support. 

No matter how simple or complex, your ultimate success is based on a few key factors:

  • Proper definition and structuring of goals
  • Allocation of resources: human resources, IT resources, capital resources
  • Planning, coordination and oversight
  • Ongoing communications and follow up
  • Ensuring time lines and target goals are accomplished

Your need a consultant with the right industry background, business contacts, and a track record of proven success to guide you through this. After 35 years we still believe these should be the fun projects, and we know how to take the stress off of you and make it this way.