Servicing Introducing & Self-Clearing Brokers

Introducing & Self-Clearing Brokers – We've been on both sides of the fence

Few consulting firms focus on the broker-dealer community as keenly as Bedford and Main. Even fewer have our experience.

Our founder has had the depth of experience of building a self-clearing brokerage firm from the ground up. He established correspondent clearing services for multiple domestic and international introducing brokers. Later in his career, the unique opportunity arose to manage an independent introducing broker-dealer as the CEO.

It has been our pleasure to work in, and with, broker-dealers of all shapes and sizes. We understand the dynamics and the competitive pressures of this industry and pride ourselves on offering a true value added business model that supplements and supports your internal resources.

In our experience, whether you are a regional retail based broker-dealer, a discount web-based firm, a full-service independent, or a self-clearing prop trading firm, universally, the better managed the firm, the more its resources are already concentrated on running the business. We appreciate the opportunity to help you tackle the unique challenges that occasionally arise.

With 35+ years of experience under our belts, we have gotten pretty good in a few areas: