Specialized Consulting Services

Every new business grows organically, usually expanding upon its strengths, or in response to customer demands. This has certainly been true for Bedford and Main. As our consulting practice has grown, we have leveraged on our areas of expertise and ventured into a few new areas that naturally evolved.

While remaining focused on our core introducing broker and correspondent clearing broker-dealer client base, we discovered that it was easy to develop complimentary services that were a natural extension of our core competencies.

Notably our venture into the securities expert witness arena (now the proud owner of its own real estate section on our home page!) has proven exceptionally successful and a great compliment to our core consulting services. No doubt, because so much of the industry pivots around FINRA compliance-related issues these days.

Change is good. Not only was it rewarding after so many years in the business to get new certifications (such as a FINRA Arbitrator and an AML Specialist), but it definitely helped us deny that “Old Dog – New Tricks” cliché!  

We pledge to stay actively engaged and in touch with the industry, so our list of specialized services continues to evolve.