3 Reasons We Stand Out

1.)  Senior Level Experience - Over the course of our career, we have been honored to hold multiple senior level positions, including those at the “C- level". This provided many years of the highest level experience and exposure learning the intricacies of the broker-dealer industry.

Without tooting our own horn too much, it is notable that few securities expert witnesses' CVs can match our decades of high-ranking management experience. When we apply this knowledge to the field of securities expert witness and litigation support, the value to our clients proves to be quite significant.

2.)  Still Actively Engaged – We conduct our securities expert witness business as a natural extension of our core industry consulting, which is focused on supporting broker-dealers. With all due respect to some others in the securities expert witness field, we are not “Experts at Being Experts."  We are experts in the broker-dealer industry.

Our financial services litigation complements and leverages off of our main business initiatives. This ensures that we have a fresh, current perspective of the issues. If you ask when was the last time we worked inside of a brokerage house, the answer will often be “last week”.  We truly believe an active and current participation in the subject matter is paramount when it comes to providing securities expert witness services.

3,)  Selectivity -  We won’t accept every case. It would not be possible to hold fast to our standards of supporting the industry if we were not selective as to specific issues and our ability to ethically provide an expert opinion. Taking this into consideration, we are happy to support on either side of the table depending on our evaluation of the facts at hand.

Of course this selectivity also holds true if we just do not know the issue in question at what we ourselves consider to be an “expert” level. We will humbly pass if the issue is not one that we are comfortable supporting.

Allow us to review the claims (on our own time of course), and we will gladly advise if we are a good match for your needs.