We Ask The Tough Question First

We ask the tough question first:  Why do you need a consultant in the first place?

We want to understand what event transpired or changed that is now motivating your firm to reach out for help. Getting a solid understanding of your goals and requirements is critical to making the engagement a success.

You may be even more surprised when we propose only a limited engagement, or perhaps that there may even be a better option than using our services.  But we sleep well at night knowing the engagements we enter into add real, sustainable value to our clients and are personally fulfilling for us.

Our clients are typically well-managed firms. At some point the natural effect of running a tight ship is that when an unexpected opportunity arises, or obstacles unexpectedly pile up, the best of the best still run out of one of the three magic ingredients: Time, Money and Resources.

  • Time is a precious commodity. You have other important goals and commitments that are already scheduled.
  • Money is usually a consideration. What motivates you enough to pay for outside assistance?
  • Resources are stretched or specific expertise is simply not available in house.
 You need a resource you can trust.

A resource who knows the industry and can come up to par quickly on your specific project. You need the skills, experience and expertise to deliver results.

 It’s fair to ask, “How can I trust you will succeed?”

The simple answer is:

If we don’t believe we can 100% deliver, we don’t accept the engagement!  Period.

 If the adage is true that  ”the proof is in the pudding," then our pudding is our testimonials